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Hello! I'm Megan Renteria a.k.a. Little Studio Artist. I'm a traditional artist with a little bit of college and a lot of hard work. My largest social media outlet is my Instagram feed where I post all of my works and take small videos of my work and progress as an artist. I am a super geek about all sorts of art materials and artists. I love to watch art You-Tuber's do crazy challenges, try new art supplies, and vlog about their own struggles and achievements. I want to continually improve and try new mediums and techniques. I love watercolors and my favorite subject is people. People can express so many things and we relate to people no matter our circumstances. My main goal is to be a self sustaining artist who inspires and reaches other people with the imagery I create.  

"My art journey began with a little frustration and a lot of fear. There is still frustration but now I am also encouraged and inspired by the knowledge that I can always grow and learn to be a better artist. Art for me is 99% hard work and 1% talent." 

As an artist the biggest thing I struggle with is inspiration. I am eternally grateful for Pintrest and finding inspiration from other artists and people. I have several boards which I pin my inspirations to and that I use for reference. I have added a small "sneak peak" of one of the many images that have inspired me! I am continually learning and plan to keep the student mindset of always being ready to learn. There really is no "end" for an artist we continually journey, learn, grow, and evolve our art. 


Inspiration PT. 1



bit of History

I didn't know what I wanted to do right outside of High school and decided to work and be a practical adult while I contemplated my options. By the time I knew what I wanted to do it was going on 6 years and because "life" there was no way I could get grants or financial aid. So instead of being in debt with college loans and various other college things, I decided to become a independent studies student. In "college lingo" that means I wasn't going to get a piece of paper at the end of my time there. This gave me control of what pace, price, and which classes I wanted to take. For me that was a fair trade off, my local college only offers an associates in fine arts and I didn't have the money to move and go to another school. I took my art classes and when I reached the end of that road I took that opportunity to expand my horizons. School was a little stepping block, but the whole world awaited me. I visited art museums and looked to see what avenues I could take to continue my passion. Through watching other artists, being encouraged, and inspired here I am. 


One thing you start to learn as you are sitting there working on the technical part of your art is that while you're working with whatever tool you are using your brain is no longer fully occupied and you start to get bored despite loving what you are working on. One thing that helps me to keep plugging away is music. It keeps me inspired, pushes the boredom away, and sometimes even offers a new concept for me to start a new art piece. Another good thing to stave this off is audio books, they don't take your eyes from your work and you get to travel to another place and work at the same time! 


Inspiration PT. 2

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