Supply Lists

Below is the list of supplies for your class, including links where you can buy them and pictures to help! 

Level 1 Class:

                  Supply Resources


Check below for specific items or pictures of the items you need for class.

Amazon Link

Click here to head to a specially made list with all of the items you need for this class.

Shopping List

Click here to download a shopping list to take with you into the store. Complete with fun boxes to check off!


Go ahead and email me any questions you might have about what supplies you need!

BuY Separate

At Home

3 quarter Flat wash.PNG

3/4 Flat Wash Synthetic Brush

Short Handle

12 round.PNG

#12 Round

Synthetic Brush

Short Handle​​

4 round.PNG

#4 Round

Synthetic Brush

Short Handle


Watercolor Palette

Single or Multi-Well

spray bottle.jpg

Small Fine Spray Bottle

Note: You want a bottle with a trigger, not a pump!

paper towel.jpg

Paper Towels


Soft Cloth Towel

Note: You will be wiping your paint off on this!

Set of Pencils

Pencil and Eraser

Note: You want a separate eraser in case you have larger areas to erase!


2 Empty Cups/Containers for water.

Note: You want your water dishes short and squat not tall.